Combat Club Fitness is Vancouver’s premier fitness space offering a unique, curated experience that delivers on results, support and camaraderie.


Our vision is simple, make health and fitness effective with results in the shortest amount of time possible.  Why?  At the end of the day, we all have busy lives and want to get on with living and enjoying life — not spending hours in a gym.



After you decide to start training we will make sure you get the best fitness program. Our health and fitness experts along with all the latest equipment are the winning combination.


Our world-class caliber coaches will help you achieve results in the shortest amount of time possible, but not skimping on quality training.  We understand the holistic approach to your fitness goals.  It’s not just about exercising at extremely or high levels, but it’s about health and lifestyle management.  This means that your nutrition, sleep, mindset, environment all play an important role.  We know how you coach you and set you up for long term success.  That’s our goal and mission.  Quality training and life long results.


We offer private training and small group training. Our signature programs of KickHIIT, BURN 30 or GRID offers you the most effective and comprehensive fitness and weight loss training in the shortest amount of time.  All our classes are 30 minutes long so you’re in and out so you can feel re-charged, motivated and inspired to get on with the rest of your day.


Our programs cater to all fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, our friendly and motivating coaches are committed to your progress and will ensure each workout is right for you.  We also provide an assessment for each new client to ensure you’re comfortable for all the basics and foundations before beginning any class.





Rua’s mission is to help people avoid the mistakes he made prior to becoming a coach. He aims to fast track each client to living in the body of their dreams through a sustainable approach that will not impede on their lifestyle but improve it, through implementing small gradual changes to their daily lifestyle. Rua wants to show his clients and Combat Club members how they can improve not only how they look through exercise, but how they feel on a day to day basis, their cognitive ability, confidence and how to develop positive relationships with food.

Start with Rua today and begin your fitness journey, together we will achieve your fitness goals no matter how big or small.


QQI level 5 certification in Sports Science

Elite Fitness & Performance Academy (PT and Group Training Certificate)



ISSA certified personal trainer since 2019. My passion is to help people stay motivated to reach their fitness goals and supporting them in their fitness journey so that it is sustainable and rewarding. With a BSc in kinesiology, I specialize in active health, strength and condition and muscle hypertrophy that can help you achieve definition and toned body muscles.

Fitness and weight training can be a pathway to improve quality of life, strengthening your body to prevent musculoskeletal issues down the road. I see fitness as a lifelong journey that is never too late to start.


Certification: ISSA certified personal trainer, Registered Kinesiologist, Member of British Columbia Association of Kinesiologist



Specializes in:

Functional and Mobility Training

Fat Loss / Muscle Building

Mindset and Nutrition Coaching


Ace Certified Personal Trainer

CHI Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor

First Aid / CPR AED 

the only trainers who ever cared about what i did outside the gym - robb