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Wikanda Eaka (Jum)

Thai Bodywork Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Fitness Coach & SGT Coach


Wikanda was born and raised in Thailand before moving in only December of 2019 to Vancouver Canada. Raised Buddist, meditation and Buddhist principles are a major part of her life, as well as focussing on her health and family.


Wikanda graduated from Bangkok University with a major in Business Administration but was drawn to more physical and spiritual pursuits.


She got her certifications in a number fo fitness organizations, but was alas drawn to the more wellness-focused side of health care as well. She attended one of Thailand's most prominent professional Thai Yoga and Bodyworks schools, to become a master teacher in Bodywork, learning Thai Yoga, as well as Wat Po's Thai Yoga course. 


Wikanda then traveled to Rishikesh in the Himalayan mountain valleys of India to attend Yoga 200 teacher certification training. Combining her knowledge of Thai and Indian Yogas, wellness practices, physical exercise, and Buddhist meditation and upbringing, she curated and founded Ahina Yoga, and now teaches Ahina Yoga classes and workshops. 



Certifications / Education


  • Bangkok University - Computer Sciences

  • Yoga 200 Certified Teacher, Yoga Alliance registered, (Rishikesh, India)

  • NAFC Personal Trainer

  • Thai BodyworkTherapist (Bangkok, Thailand)

  • CrossFit

  • Muay Thai

  • Thai Yoga (Ruesi Datton)

  • H.I.I.T. Fit Coach

  • KickH.I.I.T. Coach

  • NAFC Power Rebounder (current study)

  • Aromatherapy Certificate


The Complete Yoga Practice

Ahina Yoga (ahina = complete) is a curated style of yoga that incorporates a number of ancient and modern wellness practices and seamlessly fusing ancient Thai Ruesi Dat-Ton yoga, Indian yogas, aromatherapy, Tibetan aspects, vipassana meditation, the natural elements, sound, and modern health sciences


Ahina Yoga branches off into 2 distinct practices; Ahina Oorja or energy yoga, and Ahina Aram Kharna or restoration / recovery Yoga. 


Oorja's intention is to supply energy and prepare you for the day ahead.


Ahina Aram Kharna prepare the body and mind for optimal recovery and restoring the body, mind and spirit.


Ahina also has its own meditation practice simply called Ahina Meditation, that involves again a fusion of meditation and mindfulness modalities and practices


You can visit the official Ahina website at: